The Forgotten Holocausts


The 2000 Year Problem

There are many angry people who want to know why the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany (y’sh"v) against the Jews (Hy"d) gets so much publicity in proportion to the crimes of the Communists against their victims. And while some of these people are anti-Semites, others are not. They simply want to know why the crimes of one regime that lasted twelve years are more publicized than those of a movement which since 1848, and especially since first coming to power in 1917, has killed many times more people, and which is still in power in a few countries.

This is a legitimate question. It is not, however, the "forgotten holocaust" referred to in the title of this article. Neither does the title refer to the millions of potential human lives snuffed out before they even had a chance to begin by abortion. Instead, the "forgotten holocausts" refer to those millions of Jews who were killed specifically because they were Jews and who have been completely forgotten by the Jewish establishment because they were murdered before chr*stianity came into existence.

The period from Abraham (am1948-2123) to the Jews murdered by Hadrian (rot his bones!) in the "second century CE" covers some two thousand years. During that time Lavan Ha’Arami, the Egyptians, `Amaleq (y’sh"v), Balaq and Bil`am, the Seven Nations of Canaan, the Pelishtim, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, and the Romans murdered unnumbered millions upon millions of Jewish men, women, and children—each one of whom died `al qiddush HaShem. Yet no museums are erected to their memory. No movies or minieseries are made about them. No liberal "tolerance" curricula make mention of them. It is as if it never happened and as if the victims never even existed. Why are the lives of six million Jews murdered by one regime in the "20th Century CE" more dear and precious in the eyes of the Jewish establishment than the millions upon millions who died before, and for the very same reason—because they were Jews?

Not all pre-Holocaust Jewish martyrs are altogether ignored, of course. Usually the martyrs of the chr*stian era are cited as a quick foreword or preface to Churban ‘Europa’ itself, but this seems to be their only purpose. As for the martyrs of the pre-chr*stian period, they are victims of a strange agreement between Jewish liberals and anti-Semites: to act as if the world were only two thousand years old, and never to mention anything that happened before that time. Thus, anti-Semites constantly beat the war drums about "Talmudic Judaism" and invoke the words of the Sages about the nations of the world. They may know, but they never acknowledge, that the attitude of the Talmudic Sages was the same as that held by the Biblical Israelites. But because of the anti-Semitic chr*stians among their number, the anti-Semites dare not criticize the Biblical Israelites for the simple reason that this is the "proto-church," with whom the anti-Semitic chr*stians identify. Indeed, the wars of extermination the Biblical Israelites waged against `Amaleq and the Seven Nations of Canaan are regarded as part of the same "racial holy war" which they themselves wage against "Talmudic Judaism!" (It is yet another irony that every Jewish holiday and fast which Jewish liberals have to work with in their struggle against chr*stianity comes from this very "proto-church!" None date from the period of regnant chr*stianity.)

As to why Jewish liberals are so silent about the atrocities committed against their own ancestors over such a long period of time, there are several reasons. One may be the simple human inability to identify with people long past, to see them as less human or their suffering as less intense than that suffered by modern people. This is ignorant, but not necessarily sinister. Other reasons are far less innocent. For example, some may simply dismiss the Bible as mythology, and so none of these things ever happened. The unspeakable cruelty of these enemies of Israel and of Israel’s G-d is simply as "mythical" as the Six-Day Creation. This does not explain the silence towards the post-Tana"kh pagans, but some of the same principals are at work. Liberal Jews so define themselves by Judaism’s two thousand year conflict with chr*stianity (in which chr*stianity represents religiosity and Judaism represents secularism and enlightenment) that even the death and destruction meted out on two occasions by pagan Rome are conveniently removed from the consciousness of the Jewish liberal. Here we arrive at the most cynical reason of all: because the atrocities of the pagans cannot be used to reinforce the image of irreverent, iconoclastic Jew vs. religious, pious (and therefore pathologically murderous) chr*stian, the martyrs of paganism—of `avodah zarah—are ignored altogether. After all, is anyone going to lecture contemporary pagans and neo-pagans on the potential danger they represent to the Jewish people because of the acts of their predecessors? I think not. This attitude is reserved exclusively for chr*stianity, the helpful little heresy that conveniently showed up to claim the Jewish G-d for itself and deny Him to His People, thus providing Jewish liberals with a scapegoat onto which to project the "religious fanaticism" of their ancestors (assuming they even believe their ancestors existed). It is also for this reason that the professional anti-Semitic monitoring establishment aims most of its invective at philo-Semitic Fundamentalist Protestants rather than at the very real traditional chr*stian anti-Semites that are out there. Chr*stians who already see `Am Yisra’el as "the Devil’s People" (chas vechalilah!!!) share so much of the liberal Jewish definition of Jewishness that there is little to quarrel with. The embarrassingly religious philo-Semitic Fundamentalist Protestants who look at ‘Avi Dershowitz and get hearts in their eyes because they think they are looking at Yehoshua` Bin Nun are what bother Jewish liberals. They threaten the entire falsehood on which the liberal Jewish worldview is built, and so an inordinate amount of time is spent specifically trying to offend them and push them into joining with the Feeneyites, Coughlinites, "Identity"-ites, Romanian Iron Guards (y’sh"v!), and whatever else is out there. In fact, from the liberal Jewish perspective, the sooner those swamp- and mountain-dwelling morons believe we are "the Devil’s People" (chas vechalilah!) the better. We’re sick of being reminded about those little jobs we’re supposed to be doing in 'Eretz Yisra’el (which was entirely the wrong place to erect a secular Jewish state, btw).

It is for this reason that this web site is dedicated specifically to every Jew in history who has ever died `al qiddush HaShem, no matter who murdered him. As for museums or monuments to their memory, this writer advocates the building of only One. All the Holocaust museums in the world will not protect the Jewish people, and neither will museums erected to remember other Jewish martyrs. Only One Building will do that, and it will not be a museum but the House of HaShem Himself. Miracles will take place there before the entire world to vindicate HaShem as the True G-d and `Am Yisra’el as His Unique People. Of course, people who don’t want to admit what this implies will continue to waste millions upon millions of dollars on buildings associating the Jewish people in the public mind with secularism, religious subjectivism, and liberal "tolerance." And the more money invested in these houses of vanity, the more of the investor’s soul is invested along with it. Since the worldview in which the Beit HaMiqdash is to be rebuilt is diametrically opposed to the secular, tolerant, and subjectivist ideology of the Holocaust museums, one may either support one or the other. And according to consonance/dissonance theory, the smallest commitment serves to lock the mind into servitude to what has been committed to.

The Jews will never be safe in a G-dless world in which all religions are equally valid and equally mythical (and such a world will never exist, anyway). They will be safe when the world acknowledges the Jewish G-d and not before. And nothing can change that truth, no matter how unpleasant.

In the meantime, before the building of the Beit HaMiqdash, Israel must choose a king and expel the Goyim, obliterating their places of false "worship." But thanks to the liberal ideology of the Holocaust museum, they can’t bring themselves to do it. If they did, they’d be just as bad as the chr*stians, or even the accursed Natzim (y’sh"v!) themselves.